Omnibuzz Media: Search Engine Optimization

OBM (Omni Buzz Media) are a team of multilingual tech savvy SEO enthusiasts, developers and email marketers working to deliver quality consulting and search strategies for our valued clients.

Working with OBM, gives you access to some of the brightest consultants in the field. Discretion is our middle name, and we never disclose the identities of those we are working with.

What we can disclose is that we have extensive experience in delivering excellence at both ends of the spectrum, from small new start-ups to large multinational corporations.Offering free expert assessment we structure bespoke strategies and campaigns that offer quick-fire solutions.

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Sharing is Caring

Our biggest weapon is knowledge. Knowledge about the intricacies of search, algorithm updates, penalties, and how these transfer to non-English markets.

We offer in-depth analysis using language you will understand.We also have ground-breaking technology and software developed in-house, that enables us to automate much of our work, as resource saving that is passed directly onto you!

We appreciate the language of search can be over facing, but our Specialist Trainers are experienced at teaching all of the essentials in our two step program (2 x 30 mins sessions).In essence, OBM is your research and educational and strategic supplier for all things search.

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